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Business is the lifeline of the economy of today. Without business, the financial market would die out and people would have no means to earn their keep.

As market relations develop, collaboration between global organizations and companies – both local and international – have become more commonplace.

Corporations are constantly expanding their target markets, which means engagement between foreign business partners, investors, and customers are becoming more frequent as well. 
In other words, the financial world is getting increasingly smaller. However, at the same time, it is also becoming more complex. As institutions and people of different nationalities come together for business, the need for competent financial translation services also becomes more apparent. In this area of application, a translator must be accurate and professional, as fiscal statements and documents hold critical and sensitive data.

Proper adaptation of text is necessary to assure foreign clients of your competence, either as a professional, a business partner, or an investment proposition. We at DTS have highly qualified experts who can provide reliable and consistent financial translation services.

As a full-service company, we are fully equipped with the right personnel to deliver accurate translation of financial statements. We have a structured approach to our clients with regards to services of this nature, to ensure complete security of vital information.

Tailored financial translation service

Firstly, we sit down with our clients to discuss the particulars of the project, including the quote for the service we will provide. A project manager will be facing the client at this juncture to identify all the requirements for translation of financial statements or other pertinent data. The meeting is concluded with a projected timeline for the completion of the task as well as clarifications on any questions posed by the client.

The financial statements translation will be performed by a specialised certified linguist, who has a keen understanding of the subject matter. This process is supervised by a quality manager to ensure that quality and accuracy are maintained all throughout. After the process is completed, editing and proofreading is done on the translated text by a native-speaker of the language to prevent inaccuracies, errors, and miscommunications.

Through this structured and comprehensive process, we are able to deliver precisely adapted text that closely adheres to client specifications. If you want to know more about how we do our work, please do not hesitate to connect with us. Our dedicated customer support personnel are more than willing to hear out your queries.