Complex and specialized medical translation needs.


Medical translation requires high efficiency and quality, as it deals with information and documents that can affect the health and well-being of a person. Here at Dubai Translation Services, we provide on-time professional translation for medical requirements in line with each customer’s specific needs.

We practice a strict and thorough process for our medical document translation services

Translating documents related to the field of medicine demands consideration for the project’s extent and difficulty, target language, glossary of terms to be used, and if there are any applicable regulations.

In order to meet all these needs, our full-service medical translation company has chosen the most competitive and experienced medical translators who can cover a wide variety of medical fields and specialisations. Having a complete team has allowed us to efficiently allocate people to projects where they excel in, thus ensuring we produce high-quality results that meet our client’s exact needs.

We also have a multi-tiered quality check and assurance process where errors are identified and addressed early on, and translated documents are given repetitive checks to achieve utmost accuracy and correctness. This process allows us to make sure the message and meaning of the original document is preserved and adapted faithfully. We have native speakers of different languages who can provide a higher level of expertise for each project.

The scope of our translation services for medical documents includes the following:

  • Instructional materials for medicines and equipment
  • Data sheets
  • Clinical trials
  • Clinical protocols
  • Production manuals
  • Quality of Life measures
  • Articles from scientific journals and publications
  • Toxicology reports

For more information on our services and rates, please feel free to get in touch with our company through the following: +971 55 662 4482 (mobile) and +971 4 351 3565 (telephone). Send your inquiry or request for quotation to our email or via our website. One of our language specialists will get back to you shortly to address your inquiry and discuss your project.