We focus on your message

Content created for marketing purposes is designed to stimulate market impact and establish or reinforce a brand. Marketing-oriented content should be culturally sensitive, as its purpose is to connect and communicate with consumers of a certain market sector, and spur interest for a client’s product or service.

As such, translating marketing materials also requires cultural sensitivity to preserve the intent, impact, and meaning of the message. That is why DTS implements a structured, tailored process for each project requiring marketing translation services.

Custom marketing translation service that produces targeted results

Our process starts with an initial meeting with clients in order for us to identify their audience, as well as determine their intended tone and style for the translated text. Full understanding of these elements is essential for us to captivate and deliver the essence of their message.

Though other fields of translation require a more direct adaptation of terminologies, translation for marketing content needs a higher level of creativity. These materials occasionally make use of wordplay, idioms, and metaphors, which may need localization for the content’s target audience.

Translated marketing content also needs to be consistent and faithful with the original material. It should carry the uniqueness of the brand to establish the company’s identity and differentiate them from the competition. Consistency allows your target market to recognize your authenticity and brand identity.

That is why at DTS, we implement a methodical Quality Assurance process to meet the specific translation and localization requirements of our clients.

The translation services behind a successful promotional and marketing campaign

After the initial consultation, we will promptly designate the project to one of our expert linguists. Our specialist will first review the material to determine its scope and complexity. Apart from experts who have marketing sense, the material will be managed by native speakers who can effectively translate the text from the original to the target language.

The translated material is then submitted for a series of thorough proofreading and review procedures, to ensure it is accurate, grammatically correct, and able to preserve the tone, style and meaning of the source material. We then submit the content to the client for final approval.

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