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Are you looking for sworn certified translators and interpreters in Dubai?

Do you need to translate documents for legal purposes and official submissions?

Looking forward to internationalize your business by localizing your website and marketing materials in different languages?

Are you looking for a trusted language translation service provider?

DTS Translation Services is a reliable certified translation company in Dubai with more than 15 years of experience. We provide multilingual translation services for 70+ languages all around the globe. Our translators specialize in variety of industries including: Legal Translation, Technical Translation, Medical Translation, Marketing Translation, Media Translation, Financial Translation, Interpretation, Proofreading and much more. We deliver fast, flawless, human-powered translations that globalize your business.

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    Legal Translation

    Every person should have access to fair treatment and participation in legal and judicial settings. To ensure this, all involved parties


    Medical Translation

    Medical translation requires high efficiency and quality, as it deals with information and documents that can affect the health


    Technical Translation

    We provide a wide and varied suite of technical translation solutions for different materials, including owner’s manuals


    Financial Translation

    As corporations and businesses expand their reach and go beyond borders, they would need to form partnerships with local companies


    Commercial Translation

    By providing reliable linguistic solutions, DTS Translation Services is able to help companies adapt their branded advertisements


    Marketing Translation

    Content created for marketing purposes is designed to stimulate market impact and establish or reinforce a brand. Marketing-oriented content


    Advertising Translation

    For DTS Translation Services, translating promotional and advertising materials should be done with an in-depth understanding


    Localization Services

    Localization is the process of adapting a product or service from its original market for the consumption of its new target audience

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    Our Success

    Special proficiency in the specific commercial field

    Promotional materials are an important asset for businesses trying to broaden their market reach and share. However, it is vital to unify your advertising content to make sure you deliver a consistent message that reinforces your brand’s presence in your target market.
    Though you may opt to use a combination of flyers, brochures, posters, and more, there should be a consistent communication style to effectively establish your brand identity. This is particularly crucial for businesses aiming to penetrate a foreign market. In this case, commercial translation services can be a valuable solution for your marketing strategy.

    Our Mission

    At Dubai Translation Services, we aim to promote deep interaction between cultures by removing language barriers. We are committed to providing fast, accurate and culturally sensitive translations, enabling individuals, businesses and organizations to thrive in a diverse and constantly evolving global marketplace. Leveraging cutting-edge technology and a dedicated team of linguists, we strive to be the partner of choice for seamless communication, enhanced understanding, and unlocking opportunities for success in the interconnected world we live in.

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    Searching for translation services in Dubai to assist you with your translation requirements, providing free support and quotes, please contact DTS Translation Services now.


    70+ Languages

    Rest assured that DTS Translation services, will assist you with your multi languages translation requirements in Dubai.


    Technical Translation

    You are searching for accurate technical translation services in Dubai, then you have reached your destination.


    Multi Language

    DTS Translation Services is a holistic linguistic services company with deep expertise in multilingual solutions spanning various industries from professional legal translation services and simultaneous interpretation to cross-cultural business contexts.

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