Professional Typesetting Services from Dubai Translation Services (DTS).

Qualified Layout Services from (DTS)
Layout Services is the use and remaking of the stored characters, fonts or figures in their places. Layout is a service used to gettyp both variants – electronic and printed document, and it eases the transformation and variation of the text by keeping them always in the needful order and place. Layout is actual during Desktop Publishing (DTP) processes of translated text when new languages need the use fonts different alphabets or scripts.

Translating changes the format of the text by making shorter or longer, using different punctuation, or just using it differently. The output text format and specific fonts may not share characteristics, qualities and features making it difficult to be transformed into scripts and local orthographic standards. Therefore, layout services are used to guarantee that the visual idea of your text depicts in a right way across multiple languages and your documents are equal in Arabic and in English. Order qualified layout services from (DTS) and be sure that your documents will be prepared with the best quality, allowing you to publish it in multiple languages.

Professional Typesetting Services from Dubai Translation Services (DTS).

We, at DTS, working with a specialized team on software that copies page layouts with all graphical elements in order to provide the exact formatted file in the target language, and delivers it ready for printing and electronic display.

We offer:

Your documents ready for printing and electronic display.

Copies of the same document translated into the languages of your choice.

Thanks to our global and multicultural team of experts you can rest assured, and rely on the high accuracy, and quality of our services.