We draw your image in multi languages.

Localization is the process of adapting a product or service from its original market for the consumption of its new target audience. It aims to make products and services more appealing and relatable for a new market, especially if these are being introduced or advertised in a new country or region.

The process takes into account a variety of factors, including cross-cultural awareness, traditions, audience perceptions, and market effectiveness to determine the best method of localizing a product/service.

Considering these elements, we determine the best formatting, tone, voice, and style for a client’s branded content to identify the most feasible solution and effective approach for their target local market. We combine our in-depth knowledge and understanding of online user behaviors from both the source and target markets to formulate a solution that would work simultaneously in both settings.

We have a multinational team of professionals who have the expertise and experience to put this knowledge into practice, and produce high-quality results that meet the goals and needs of our clients.

We draw your image in multi languages.

New monolingual sites designed for the target local market

Bilingual and multilingual website translation

Solutions tailored to your unique needs

We seek to understand each client’s unique requirements and resources in order to provide the most appropriate and effective localization strategy. One of our specialized services is Internationalization, which seeks to identify elements or processes that would need to be modified during localization.

Knowing these variables enables us to launch products and services in different local markets, all at the same time. It also helps our international network of translators, programmers, marketers, and writers in creating a unified localization strategy for different target markets.

If you require website localization to convert your website’s content and format and make it feel “native” to your target local users, our team will draw on their socio-culture knowledge and awareness to faithfully adapt the intent and message of your website’s original content and user interface, while maintaining user-friendliness and functionality.

International advantage and global presence

Translation and localization of websites includes adapting both content, format, design, and functions to suit the preferences of the target audience, such as their local language and culture. Market studies have concluded that customers are 3 times more likely to engage and interact websites that communicate to them through their local language.

DTS will help you create a streamline strategy to localize your website according to your time frame, budget, needs and expectations. Through the expertise of our team, and our tailored solutions, you can access the global market and directly connect with users worldwide through your website.

Our solutions comprise a globally proven operations framework, and the exceptional skills and talents of an international network of translators and professionals. We’re able to deliver the highest level of service by entrusting a project to translators specializing in the client’s field or industry.

Leverage the unrivalled cross-cultural understanding of the DTS team and make your brand and business known to your target local markets, as you rebuild your website into a global gateway for your products and services.