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English to Arabic & Arabic to English Translation in Dubai



Dubai Translation Services provides excellent English-to-Arabic and Arabic-to-English translation services. Our team is composed of highly qualified translators who can expertly translate any content, be it written/official documents, visual presentations, or advertising materials.

If you need to communicate with an individual, business, or government agency using the Arabic language, our professional translators can help you get your message across effectively. Our in-house translators are native Arabic speakers who possess strong command and understanding of the language.

With our expertise, clients benefit from accurately translated content, regardless of subject, complexity, technicality, or scope.

Our process for Arabic-English / English-Arabic translation

We aim to deliver the highest level of service quality and client satisfaction by tailoring our translation solutions to your needs. We begin by learning about your project’s specific requirements: purpose, tone, message, scope, difficulty, field / subject matter, budget, time frame, and other details that need consideration or may impact the project’s output.

After determining the project’s specifics, we delegate it to a translator whose expertise extends to the subject at hand. The translated material is then reviewed and assessed under a strict and comprehensive proofreading and editing process to ensure it is completely correct and accurate.

Whatever project you have, whether it involves financial, commercial, or legal and technical documents, we’ll make sure to align our solutions to meet your needs.

Why communicate in Arabic?

Statistics show there are 186 million native Arabic speakers in the world, making it the fifth most widely spoken language globally. With its expansive reach, the United Nations has declared it as one of its six official languages.

In Dubai, UAE, it is the official language, which means most official documents are required to have an Arabic-translated copy. If you need papers for your business in UAE, or if you want to communicate better with Arabic-speaking audiences in the Middle East, DTS is here to make sure you convey your message with absolute precision and optimum effect.

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Arabic and Middle-Eastern

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