The mixture of utmost attention and expertise.

As corporations and businesses expand their reach and go beyond borders, they would need to form partnerships with local companies and other global organisations. Included in this process is the increased need for effective communication between individuals who speak different languages: investors, stakeholders, business partners, and clients.

Part of the information that should be properly communicated in this set-up is an organisation’s financial position – and this is where financial translation service comes in. Through accurate financial translation services, people and organisations that belong to an international partnership can be fully updated and aware of financial-related documents and issues.

Accurate and comprehensive translation of financial statements and other fiscal documents

Translation of financial documents necessitates high level of accuracy and full attention to detail, as well as sensitivity to the confidential nature of most fiscal data. Furthermore, accurately translated documents give your foreign and international partners or clients the assurance that they are dealing with a competent and qualified individual or organisation.

Seeing this need,DTS have formed a team of highly qualified and experienced financial translators, who are equipped with the knowledge and skills needed to translate any financial-related material or means of communication.

We are a full-service language solutions provider that delivers precise and meticulously translated fiscal documents and statements. We have a strict and structured Quality Assurance process to ensure all important information and details are a hundred percent correct and protected

Tailored financial translation service for each client

Our process starts with an initial consultation which gives us a clear view of a project’s specific requirements. Taking this into consideration, we will provide a reasonable and objective quotation for the translation service we will provide. A project manager will liaise with the client to map out the project’s scope, time frame, and other specifications. During this phase, we encourage clients to let us know any questions you may have so we can address them at the onset.

We have a team of certified linguists who have expert knowledge in the field of finance. They can complete any kind of financial statements translation on time and according to best practices in the industry. To ensure quality and accuracy, each translated document is checked and reviewed by a Quality Manager who is a native speaker of the intended language, prior to sending the document to the client.