Specializes in providing professional technical translations.

We provide a wide and varied suite of technical translation solutions for different materials, including owner’s manuals, user guides, product descriptions and instructions, legal disclaimers, and more. With a team of expert in-house linguists, we have the particular skill set and knowledge required to adapt content produced by technical writers into your target language.

We make sure to incorporate terminologies that are unique to the subject matter, in order to fully retain the meaning and information indicated in the original material. Technical translation service requires not just accuracy, but profound knowledge and understanding of the subject, the field, and their writing conventions

We follow strict quality standards for technical translations

Here at DTS, we have established a meticulous process for translating technical content to ensure no information is lost or misinterpreted. Through our stringent Quality Assurance protocol, we are able to meet client expectations when it comes to precision and quality.

Aside from that, each technical translator from our team specializes in a particular field or subject matter. As such, we can easily delegate tasks to the professional translator who is most equipped and capable of translating the material, while meeting the project’s specifications and time frame.

We deliver a bespoke service for all translation projects

Our process for translating and localizing written materials involves adapting the unique aspects of the target language, including numbers, currencies, date formats, and other industry or language specific writing standards. We have a dedicated team of proofreaders and editors who pore over each material to check it for syntax, misspellings, and grammatical errors.

The process is concluded by giving the material to the client for feedback and approval. This allows our team to gain valuable insight from the client and advice on our services as a whole. If necessary, we will carry out the revisions or add to the content, per the client’s preference, before we produce the final output.