Justice in translation.

Every person should have access to fair treatment and participation in legal and judicial settings. To ensure this, all involved parties must have complete understanding of the relevant procedures and paperwork.

In cases where an individual or a party speaking a different language is involved, the case should have documents provided in local language and another copy translated into the language(s) of the concerned people. This ensures all concerned are properly informed and educated on the legalities and conditions of the proceedings.

Bridge communication gaps through professional & accurate legal translation services

Dubai and Abu Dhabi are home to numerous international businesses and expatriates. Though English is the common language for communication, professional legal translation is crucial for matters that involve the law, especially for organizations and professionals.

At DTS, we have an expert team of legal translators who possess a strong command and deep understanding of concepts and provisions related to local and international laws. With DTS, businesses and individuals can make sure their rights and assets are well protected.

High quality translation services in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and throughout UAE

The services we provide for legal translation in Dubai and Abu Dhabi cover legal documents and relevant materials, and comprises the following qualities:

Clarity – No matter the type of document we are handling, we make sure to avoid mistranslation of any term, provision, or definition. We fully understand that even the minutest details can impact the entirety of documents pertaining to laws and regulations, and we seek to preserve the legal integrity and definition of each and every document. Through close collaboration, our team ensures that context and meaning are not compromised, altered, or lost in the process.

Precision – We pay careful attention to differences in tones and styles. Each translator strives to remove any ambiguity and enforce consistency throughout the entire document, while giving consideration to the stylistic diversity of languages.

Confidentiality – DTS implements strict confidentiality policies on all of our translation services. Dubai, Abu Dhabi and all of our UAE clients can rest assured that we value the trust you put in us, and in return we seek to duly protect any personal or corporate information you provide to us during the process.

Cultural sensitivity – We are highly committed to achieving complete adaptation of text, staying faithful to the original material’s tone, context, and intended meaning. Proper spelling, terminologies, and jargons are carefully observed and translated to ensure legal accuracy and cultural meaning is preserved.

If you are looking for a trusted company that provides expert and accurate legal translation in Dubai, you can always turn to us. Please feel free to get in touch with us today for any enquiries.