Dubai Translation services reflect the true meaning of your message.

At DTS, we bring clients peace of mind by ensuring all their translation requirements are meticulously proofread and reviewed, and all aspects of the content – linguistic, cultural, and stylistic – are correct and free from errors.

Our detail-oriented proof-readers offer a wealth of experience and insight to each project, with deep understanding of the local nuances of the client’s target language. Through a thorough and comprehensive proofreading process, we’re able to provide clients with content that is free from grammatical mistakes, punctuation and typographical errors, poor choice of words, awkward phrases/clauses, improper formatting or layout, and other inaccuracies or oversight.

Clients can easily spot any revisions, corrections, and comments made on their documents, as we will enable “Track Changes” in Microsoft Word. We will include all changes made on the original material, along with suggestions and comments in the margin areas. This allows all major revisions and small corrections to be identified, backtracked, escalated and explained easily.

The final output will include all research, documentation and reasoning behind the modifications implemented, so clients would have a clear understanding of the actions we took.

We offer proofreading through the following arrangements:

Part of a complete project – All projects we manage undergo a standard Translation, Editing, and Proofreading (TEP) process.

Standalone service – The service will be provided independently for texts that have been translated/adapted by a different party.

With a global team of translators and linguistic experts, we are able to offer proofreading services in numerous languages, such as English, Arabic, German, French, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, Hindi, and Urdu.