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Specialised English to Arabic Translation in Dubai


lanArabic is one of the most commonly spoken languages in the world. According to statistics, there are approximately 186 million native speakers of the language globally. As it is the language used in Qur’an, it is also considered the liturgical language of roughly 1.6 billion Muslims in the world. The use of Arabic is so widespread that it has been instated as one of the six official languages of the United Nations.

Modern Standard Arabic is the language used by media outlets across North Africa and the Middle East. It is widely taught in educational institutions and used in varying degrees in private and government workplaces.

If you are looking to communicate with an individual, a business, or a government entity in Dubai, it would be best to make use of English Arabic translation. Dubai is an emirate of the UAE, and as such, it has adopted Arabic as its official language. If you want to express yourself formally in any written document, getting services for English to Arabic translation would be the most ideal.

Composing written material in English allows you to express yourself in a language you are comfortable with, which enables you to be accurate and exact in articulating your concerns, propositions, or queries. It is critical, however, to employ the services of a reliable translating company that can perform an accurate English Arabic translation.

Superior English – Arabic translation and vice versa

With Dubai Translation Services, you can expect top-notch adaptation of any English text to Arabic. We have expert Arabic translators who can adeptly handle any material. We have professional in-house translators who are native speakers of the language and have a strong command of its cultural nuances.

To ensure that we deliver the highest quality services to our clients, we implement a rigorous multi-stage process for adapting text. As you request a translation project from us, we consider your target market and the nature of your material, whether it is financial, legal, commercial, or technical. After careful evaluation, we assign the project to a translator who specialises in the subject matter. After adapting the material, the product is edited and proofread before being subjected to quality control specialists.

So whether you need Arabic English translation or vice versa, you can always rely on DTS to deliver accurate text, efficiently and quickly. For more information on our services, feel free to contact us today!

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