Most Frequently Asked Translation Questions And Answers

Every client that comes to us has different needs, but also different translation questions to which we answer all the time. Since some of those questions are general and frequently asked, we’ve decided to put them up on our website so it would be easier for clients to understand their needs.

This page is updated often, whenever we see a few clients asking the same translation question and it isn’t in the list, we will add it here along with the answer. There are some other questions answered on other pages of our website, for instance, some questions about translating marriage certificates are answered on our marriage certificate translation services page.

Obviously, even if the question is answered here but you need additional details, you can get in touch at any time. We don’t leave questions unanswered and you don’t have to wait for days to get your answer. When you contact us, you can rest assured that an experienced project manager will answer your queries right away!

Have a question which you can’t find here? Not a problem. Our project managers are available 24/7 to answer any question you may have by e-mail, WhatsApp, phone or live-chat on website.

Do you provide translation into all languages?

We provide translation into most common languages around the world.

How can I receive a quote for translating my documents?

Kindly share the documents you need to translate through the email showing on our website. Our team will share a quote and time line with you in 15 minutes.
In case your documents are confidential and you don’t prefer to share them, we are happy to share with you a signed non-disclosure agreement before sharing your documents with us.

How can I have my documents translated?

Kindly share the documents you need to translate through the email showing on our website. Our team will share a quote and time line with you in 15 minutes. Once you confirm, out team will proceed with the translation and we will share it with you over the email on time. In case you need the hard copy of the translation, then the translation will be available in our office for collection.

I have some videos in English. Can you provide translation for the videos into Arabic then add Arabic subtitles?

Sure, we will provide translation first, then we will add subtitles for the videos.

How can I pay for the translation services?

Our account department will share with you the invoice which includes our company bank details. Payment could be done through bank transfer or payment link.

I have documents to be translated but I don’t have time to visit your office, can you help?

Sure, kindly send us the documents in need for translation over the email, will share a quote and once approved will proceed with the translation and share it with you once ready.

We are looking forward to translate our company website, can you help?

In this case, we will kindly ask you for an exported file that contains the website content in need for translation. Whether you need the website content to be translated into one language or many languages, our team will be able to assist you with the website translation in professional manner.

Do you provide DTP services for the translated files?

Sure, we have a team specialized in DTP services. Once the translation is ready, our team will work on the layout of the required files.

Do you do human translation or google translation?

We provide human translation only. We have a team of 1000 + translators and interpreters around the world. Plus, we have more than 100+ inhouse translators. We do provide 100% pure human translation.