About Us

DTS is a complete linguistic services provider, from professional and technical document translation, and simultaneous interpreting to multilingual and cross-cultural business solutions.

Our areas of expertise comprises more than 12 industries, including:

  • Medical
  • Legal
  • Banking & Finance
  • Media
  • Advertisement
  • Technology
  • Manufacturing

At DTS, we know that understanding a culture is crucial to comprehend a language, and this knowledge is our guide to build our clients’ global success. The key to stay on track and help our customer becoming global performing company lies in a deep understanding of traditional translation and interpreting services, and how they relate to localization and cross-cultural solutions. We know those solution can fall short if their employees are not able to make their point come across cultures, and thus we also offer specialized trainings in intercultural communication.

DTS services global businesses with the tools to deliver global in culturally relevant way. We provide a seamless understanding between our customers and their clients, regardless of their languages, cultures, and location.

DTS headquarters are located in Dubai, where the standards are outlined and defined by the local team in collaboration with our international and cross-cultural team located around the world.

Our team is composed of language specialists from all over the world, and every project is made possible with a close collaboration and supervision of our Dubai HQ. The processes involved hold our work against the high standards of quality and consistency of DTS and give you the best results in market.

Our globally localized teams are the key to provide you with the highest level of relevance for any given local at very competitive prices.

Translation Steps

Our Four-Step Translation Process assures accuracy and consistency in every project large or small, regardless of time constraints or type of project.

1. Translation process
After receiving the client’s order, translators who are both native and qualified experts in the document’s subject matter will immediately start working on the documents following the standards of quality of DTS. 

2. Editing process
When the translators complete the project, a separate editor and translator review the project to ensure the most complete and accurate results.

3. Review process
The document is assigned to a final proof-reader who will fix any grammar, spelling or punctuation that has slipped out, and will hold the whole project against our standards of quality. Afterwards, the document is ready to be delivered to our client.

4. Our guarantee
We guarantee the highest quality, and that’s why our translations are covered by a warranty for two months following the delivery date.