Legal translation: Words and style

In the past articles we’ve go on and around the legal field discussing the different implications of translation within its parameters. We’ve talked about the particularities of legal translation and the existent tools that professional translators, such as those at DTS, can use to bridge the gaps between different legal systems and different legal cultures.

Accuracy when choosing the words seemed to be crucial, but we will see today that style is very important. A translation that contains is able to convey all the concepts of the original will not be enough to have a quality translation. Stylistic differences between legal languages can be sometimes a major gap even if all the terms are correctly transposed from one language to another.

It is indeed the attention to legal styles what finally makes the translated text feel as if it was originally written in the target language. We can think of style as the blueprint for the text, as if we were building a house, we know that having the best and most suitable materials will not be enough. We need a blueprint to make the most of those materials, and in this case we need to understand the blueprints or legal styles of both languages to deliver the most accurate and clear translated legal text. At DTS we value both as equally important and we only delivered translations that thanks to the usage terminology and style feel native to the target language. For further information about DTS Legal services click here. And don’t hesitate to contact us here.

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