+10 Reasons why you should be translating your legal documents to French

  1. French is the 2nd working language of the most international organisations. That means that getting you legal documents in French will grant you a wider international acceptance.


  1. French is the official language of 40 countries and territories. In the last article, we talked about just countries, but there is no doubt that territories with different jurisdictions open new legal and economic horizons: From new ways to understand law that will become an integral part of the documents you translate to French into new, fresh, and exciting business opportunities.


  1. There are more and more French speakers every year. Between 2010 and 2014 the population of born and bred in French was increased by +7%, that represents 13 million more people living within the galaxy in the French world.


  1. French is the 3rd language in business worldwide, after English and Chinese, according to Bloomerg. While this position could be better, every prediction points will be better. The growth of French is unstoppable, both from a demographic and an economic perspective.


  1. French works for you whatever is your business. It doesn’t matter if your enterprise is related to agriculture (11% of world agricultural land is located in countries where French is the one of the primary languages), or energy (8.4% of natural gas, and 5.5% of oil speak legal French and so you can buy it and use your legal documents translated to French in the process).


  1. If your business or enterprise speaks legal French, you will only add value. And this statement is backed up by numbers, we are talking about big numbers: More than 22% of trade flows between two French speaking entities and that indicates that French speaking entities are collecting an average +6% per capita wealth.


  1. The potential of Africa. As we commented in the last article, over 20 African countries have French as an official language. Any of your legal documents translated to French will find a place to fit within the legal cultures of these countries.


  1. The International Organisation of La Francophonie (in French, OIF) is one of the most robust and active legal entity where countries are linguistically bonded. English speaking world lacks such a big organization and such big cooperation efforts, and you can take for granted that within your French legal documents and actions will be supported.


  1. The OIF is made up by 77 member states located in Asia, Europe, South-America, North-America, and Africa. This is the number of states in which your enterprise and your documents translated to French would be welcome.


  1. French and the International Organisation of La Francophonie represent:
  • 14% of the world population.
  • 14% of global gross income.
  • 20% of trade.

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