Farsi, the big one, unknown in the Middle East

Recently Iran has made to the covers of every other news outlet due to the recent agreement that opened the country to international trade. European and Chinese companies jumped immediately in an effort to strike deals that according to some analysts may worth trillions of dollars.

And that wasn’t the only change in Iran in the last months. Iran as theocratic republic has democracy embedded in its system. So there has been also an historic change in the assembly of experts that elects the Supreme Leader of Iran.

If the wind keeps blowing in this direction, there is a big chance for Iran to change its relationship with the world.

Language, people, and understanding

This historical opportunity can open a new era in which Iranians are closer to the rest of the world. There is a long way to go but we know that we stepping stones of a good relationship, is mutual understanding, and Farsi is the key for the future. Translation from and to Farsi can be the strongest device to keep Iran as an active part of the world. Studies, novels, papers, ideas, businesses in Farsi that have been away from the rest of the world can now emerge thanks to the translation, and the same can be said about all the texts that can be brought to the Farsi speakers all over the world. So as always translation is the key for closing this gap.

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