Skills Every Translator Should Have

Good translation is what everyone aspires, but it is not an easy job, as it may seem. To meet this end, translators usually develop a set of skills to provide quality translation and meet their tight deadlines. If you are curious about the magical traits that make a translator, here are some of the skills every successful translator needs to develop.

Time Management

What seems as an unresolvable equation for everyone is an everyday challenge for translators. Trying to meet their deadlines, while maintaining top-notch quality is the objective they try hard to achieve. In their case, whining would not help and mistakes are sometimes not tolerable. Instead, they have to develop their time management skills, using different visual tools and proven techniques to increase their productivity and manage their schedules efficiently.


Since they race against time, translators need to learn how to make more than one thing at a time. They read, research, look up words, translate, and communicate with their team members. All these things have to be done in a parallel way. A busy translator cannot afford reading or researching and then, forget about all the other responsibilities.


A wise translator doubts every word he/she knows. Experience teaches us that nothing can be taken for granted when it comes to languages and cultures. A single word can have different meanings in different contexts; and therefore, a translator do not rely on their memory; a professional translator relies mainly on reliable references and dictionaries.

Attention to Details

Translators are fully aware that the devil lies in the details. Not paying enough attention to small units like articles or prepositions or some cases of misspelling may result into major mistranslation. Even if he/she is not a detail-oriented person by nature, a good translator develops this skill throughout their career.

It is true they need develop these skills so that they excel in this challenging profession, but translators tend to develop such skills in their everyday life as well. If you see any translator around, ask him/ her about the skills they acquired, thanks to their noble profession: Translation.

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