International Translation Day

On 30 September every year, translators from all over the world celebrate the International Translation Day. The date of Saint Jerome’s death, whose full name is Sepphronius Eusebius Aeronymus, the first one to translate the Bible from the Hebrew and Greek languages ​​into Latin, and so he was called the patron saint of translators. This saint has been translating the Bible, biographies and biblical interpretations for a very long time, up to 34 years. Saint Jerome, called the father of translators, lived among the folds of his books to come to light the first comprehensive and clear translation of the Bible and that is why his translation has been immortalized and become the most reliable and has been adopted by Christians for ten full centuries.

The celebration of International Translation Day officially began in 1991 sponsored by the International Federation for Translation. The purpose of the celebration was and remains to be a reminder of the importance of translation, and we would therefore like to thank the translators on this day working in translation, and to promote the career around the world. So, on this day we would therefore like to thank the translators all over the world and those who working in from educational institutions, scientific academies, scientific research centers, responsible for developing, publishing and promoting translated content, and translation companies that its mission was not only to translate but to take responsibility transmitting knowledge and indigenous cultures and linking the world’s languages, exceeding geographical borders and respecting localization.

If we look carefully at the history of humanity, we will find that the role of translation comes before every achievement of civilization. The importance of translation from the time of the age lies in communication between civilizations and strengthening communication between countries and some of them in a system based on honesty and accuracy in transferring knowledge.

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