The Story of a Noble of Profession: Translation

Long before the emergence of Social Media, the world has always been connected by means of translation. The story dates back to hundreds and hundreds of years. According to the famous biblical story, people used to speak one language. However, when the arrogant Nimrod decided to build a tower to reach the sky, God punished him and his people, not only by destroying their tower, but they were also doomed to speak different languages. Commenting on this story, the renowned writer Paolo Coelho wrote “But in His infinite grace, He also created a type of people who would rebuild these bridges, allowing the dialogue and the diffusion of the human thought”. Those people, without whom this big world could have never survived, are the Translators!

From the dawn of history, writers and philosophers have been concerned with understanding the world we live in, while translators have taken the responsibility to spread the word to the rest of the world. Thanks to translation, now we have Greek philosophy, Roman epic history, and Persian stories in our hands. As the world moves forward, the importance of translation has not become any less.  In our modern age, translation and interpretation corporations around the world undertake this mission.

With their magical skills, translators turn any text, in any language whatsoever, into your native language. Every person in this world is definitely grateful to translation and interpretation services, not to mention that such services are an indispensable component in the worlds of politics, business, medicine, literature, journalism and many others. Living in a fast evolving digital world, translators and interpreters are able to overcome many challenges, yet they still encounter new challenges. However, come what may, translators and interpreters would do whatever it takes to deliver the message eloquently and clearly.

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