The T-Equation Every Good Translator has to Solve

It seems that t is not a mere coincidence that the word “Translation” starts with the letter “T”, when it is largely connected with a set of T-starting words. Every translation process cannot be properly performed without ensuring Time management and Top quality and paying special attention to the fact that it is the process of Traveling across cultures. If a translator fails to solve this T-equation, then he/she will probably fail to meet the standards of good, original translation; yes, it is that critical!

Time management and Top quality are two faces of the same coin, and this coin is the only path to satisfy any client. Timely delivery is not an acceptable excuse to compromise quality. Likewise, ensuring top quality is not an excuse for late delivery. It is an equation that smart veteran learn to master. With proper planning, strong topic-related background, research and editing techniques, this equation is just a piece of cake.

However, Technology, another T-word, deserves the greatest credit in the translation process. It is every translator’s best friend. Thanks to technology, translation processes can be accelerated and top quality can be maintained. Let alone that real-time translation applications have been significantly developed and can help translators to take their texts to a whole new level. When most of the primary issues of translation are solved, then translators may be encouraged to do transcreation rather than nearly literal translation; and accordingly, contemporary and future translators would be traveling across cultures by planes, while their ancestors were stuck in coal trains. Clearly, the T-equation is the only ticket to flawless translation.

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