French legal translation means business you may be missing on

French is a business possibility and if you haven’t heard about the huge opportunity that French stands for you should definitely check our last article where we detailed how important is French and legal French in our world, and how its importance is constantly growing.

Today we would like to illustrate it with an example. Imagine that your business had just been in talks with a company from Canada, Swiss French, Monaco, Guinea or Senegal (as you see possibilities are endless), and as you thought you had briefings in English and everyone was delighted with What they understood from the general details, but now it’s to get down to business, and negotiate and write a detailed and comprehensive agreement for your business relation.

The problem is that even though you’ve reached this point in English, the level of English of your counterpart does not allow them feel comfortable negotiating such important details. And you know that it’s time when you want the job done right because the decision you made are critical and could decide whether you are starting a fruitful business relationship or a disappointing one.

The expertise and know-how of a French legal translator is going to be is the key for you to understand their needs and expectations, and for them to understand yours. You may know that in a contract or agreement a misplaced coma can prove disastrous, and only a high-quality translation can avoid these pitfalls.

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