French legal translation or life after English legal translation

Many times companies deemed English as the only important language to achieve the globalization. The thought that the only key language to achieve a global market in English is not rare, but this overlooks the importance of other languages such as French.

Why French now?

It is undeniable that the population of French speakers is growing, mainly in Africa, where it is official in over 20 countries, and thus a valid language for legal purposes. Experts and studies point that this is a steady growth that will keep going for forseeable decades. Thus by translating a text to French we are able to reach not just big numbers of potential consumers, but also we reach a variety of jurisdictions that while not copies of the French, they do present all of its legal concepts and structures in French.

French  is important on its own, but translating to French  also opens the doors to an easier translation to other legal systems based on Civil law as well as to countries that have blended the French legal system with the sharia law. It is not just one legal culture that lies within our reach, but several legal cultures, and systems, and dozens of markets, and several hundreds of speakers.

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