Definition of political translation

Political translation is one of the most important fields of translation, not only for its highly sensitive nature, but also because politics is a language in itself. The need for political translation is an inevitable necessity, and its importance lies in communication between nations, political leaders and political conferences that carry the participation of many countries in different languages, which necessitates the presence of qualified translators who are aware of the special nature of the political field.

Political translation models:

1- Political conferences and debates

2- Diplomatic documents

3- Memoirs of diplomats and politicians

4- Political Research

5- Political articles and news

6- Political books

7- Political statements and news

Political Translation Challenges:

1- Political translation requires sagacity and deliberation in choosing the exact terms and vocabulary, as the occurrence of any mistake, even a small one, may lead to many political problems.

2- Political translation requires knowledge of political cultures and structures, as well as the history of nations, the most important global political situations, the history of wars and important political treaties.

  1. Facilitating information and simplifying vocabulary in conveying meaning to the reader without falling into duplication of meaning.
  2. The translator must be familiar with the current issues on the political scene in order to be able to clarify the political rationale clearly.
  3. In cases of simultaneous interpretation in conferences and political meetings, the translator faces difficulty in keeping up with the speaker’s speed, and only his experience and skills as a professional translator who follows up and is familiar with political events supports him in solving this problem.
  4. The biggest challenge facing political translation is that it does not have an adequate academic curriculum that is taught in universities. It mostly depends on the translator’s experience, expertise, and his academic, scientific and practical background until reaching professionalism.

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