Definition of religious translation

It is one of the types of specialized translation that relates to the transfer of the meanings of holy books, interpretations, legislation, religious sermons, biography of the messengers, and jurisprudence from the source language to the target language. Translation has always been the bridge to link cultures and transfer knowledge between nations. The translation of religious books is the basic building block for teaching Islamic sciences and religious jurisprudence to deliver the message to the various languages ​​of the world.

Types of religious translation:

1- Translating the meanings of the Holy Books

2- Translating hadiths and interpretations

3- Translating biographies and religious stories

4- Translation of Fiqh and Sharia

5- Translating sermons and religious messages

Importance of Religious Translation:

1- Helping to understand the true religion, its principles and law

2- Responding to distorted ideas about religion and linking it to terrorism

3- Spreading religion in various parts of the world in various languages ​​of the world

4- Helping in comparing religions and dialogue among civilizations

5- Establishing religious beliefs and studying religious sciences properly

Religious translation challenges:

1- When the holy books were revealed, they were specific to each nation according to its language and culture, and then they are translated into the languages ​​of the world to spread the message. Therefore, religious translation faces difficulty in matching the language and culture to which it is transmitted.

2- There is a great difficulty that becomes clear in religious terms and their implicit meanings, with no equivalent in the target language.

3- Religious translation requires complete mastery of the source and target languages ​​with a deep study of forensic sciences to communicate information professionally.

4- There are many terms that require interpretation when translating and not just transferring the synonym in the language pair.

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