International Translation Day

September 30 comes and brings with it breezes of thanks and appreciation for the role of translation in bringing nations together and facilitating intellectual dialogue and cultural and scientific exchange in an era when the world has become a small village open to each other. Here, the role of translation is evident in effective communication between different spectrums of peoples.

What does this date back to?

The idea began when the International Federation of Translation proposed to celebrate, praise and appreciate the role of translation in all fields on September 30, then the United Nations General Assembly interacted with this proposal and this day was adopted September 30 to celebrate the “International Translation Day” and was celebrated for the first time on September 30, 2017. .

This date is due specifically to the anniversary of the death of Saint Jerome (patron saint of translators). Saint Jerome was born in the year 342 AD near the country of Dalmatia, and the saint was known to dedicate his life to translating the first copy of the Bible into Latin, which is called the Vulgate, and he also translated parts of the Hebrew Bible into Greek, Saint Jerome was a lover of learning languages, so he learned Latin, Greek and Hebrew throughout his life, and he translated the Bible to and from it. Saint Jerome died on September 30, 420 AD in Palestine, near Bethlehem.

Today, we all strive to enhance the role of translation and support cooperation between academic institutions and translation centers to qualify cadres that can meet the growing need for the translation industry in the age of technology and communication.

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