Website Translation

Website translation is a process in which the original text of a website is translated into one or more languages in order to communicate your products or services to the largest audience base in various countries of the world. There is a direct relationship between the number of languages a website is translated into and the number of customers gained from adding those countries to your customer list.

The electronic content must be multiple in its forms. There is the readable text, videos, images and built-in files, all of which must be translated from the original text into the target language. If you want to expand your customer base, first of all you should address them in their language, so translating websites is a necessity for the development of your investment and the success of your business and reaching far horizons.

Requirements of website translation:

  1. Localization: It is the translation of expressions into the language of the people of the target countries, and the use of their local vocabulary, while paying attention to conveying the tone and style of the brand to gain the trust of the customers of the target languages.
  2. Preparing the site for search engines: Keywords differ from one language to another. So care must be taken to translate keywords accurately and formulate them appropriately from the source language to the target languages. If you want to appear on the first search pages for regional and global markets, then an accurate translation of your website must be done.
  3. Elements of electronic transactions: In order to gain customer trust and win sales quickly, you must adjust the business interaction elements on your website according to the language of the target country, such as: currency change, local time, payment methods and means of communication.
  4. Global and local events: To form a broad customer base, your site must interact with regional and global events, official events and holidays. This would make customers feel familiar and connected to the website. Therefore, continuous accurate translation of offers and events into the target language is a must for the success of your website.

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