A quality translation, a gesture of respect

The right choice of word makes a difference. It does it in our daily lives, and it counts the most in translation. Words are multipurpose, and the same message can be expressed in different ways for different effects. We want sings to be simple and to the point messages since they are meant to be reacted upon immediately, but we want purchase agreements to be thorough, clear, and legally binding, and we want ads to have an impact that resounds for days.

When the audience doesn’t find signs clear, purchase agreements trustworthy and ads punching, they will feel weird. When “… do not climb over, pay attention to safety” turns into “Please do not over pay attention to safety”, the range of reactions may go from laughter to suspicion, or unease. And their trust in a fluent and effective communication may be broken and it may be forever. And indeed, oftentimes people will not agree with this sentence, but their actions will. And that are not just the foolish words, but even the right word at the wrong moment is able stain and strained relationships.

Investing in the translators who can find the right words will make your personal or corporate brand come across as trustworthy, interesting, and enticing. Just the right words when the times are right. The ever-growing translation industry knows it, and the most successful global companies know it too. They know that a quality translation is a gesture of respect that will always have its return.

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