Doing International Business Safely

Where a good translated ads and marketing will earn you customers and the favour of public, it is legal translation that gives companies a safe ground to stand. We can see examples of blooming international companies, and almost everybody thinks of Uber when they think about new economy and risk, interestingly enough Uber speaks good legal lingo.

The fluency of Uber in the different legal systems and jurisdictions shows in how they adapted their service to the jurisdictions where it works: in New York Uber acts as a cheap and sleeker alternative to taxis, in Dubai it acts a limousine and luxury car ride service provider. And their legal problems have nothing to do with a lack of legal understanding, but with the controversial nature of their service.

The complicated nature of legal language is one of the reasons the accurate translation of it is crucial to the sustained development and safety of a company. The legalese in most times seen as an obstacle, but layers and expert legal translators know that if understood properly it more of a multi-tasking aide.

Dubai is not only home to DTS, but also to a meeting point for cultures and languages. The UAE as a whole has an 85 per cent of foreign population and that creates a high daily demand of legal quality translation. DTS understand this, and only work with experts on the relevant jurisdictions. DTS works with experts in the international scenario giving your company the thorough understanding need to walk safely into a new market.

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