Translators to Shoot on Target in Russia’s 2018 World Cup

The FIFA World Cup will commence within few months and football fans around the world are packing to support their favorite teams. Not only fans are hosted, but exactly as all international important events, translators and interpreters are among the first invitees as well. Ironically, the game that barely has any words, whether spoken or written, is regarded an arena for translators and interpreters to perform their noble job. Yet what are translators and interpreters supposed to do in such an epic event?

Following the rules, only 32 national teams managed to qualify to the great event and their loyal supporters would passionately follow them to the end of the world. People of different tongues and cultures will come together to enjoy the event in Russia, where the 2018 world cup will be held. Along with the Russian language, Spanish, English, French, Portuguese, German, and Arabic words could be heard in the air.

Here starts the mission of translators. As always, translators and interpreters do what it takes to connect and build bridges among all citizens of this earth. They play their eternal role throughout the world cup events. Helping communication between referees and players, interpreting pre- and post- match conferences, translating football-related reports and statements, and above all guiding football-passionate tourists is the least translators can do to make everyone enjoy the world cup as if they never left home!

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