September 30th: International Translation Day

Several days ago we celebrated the International Translation Day. We thought about reflecting on translation and its role in today’s communication.


And though there have been translators since the days of yore, we can agree that translation has never played a bigger and more subtle role than nowadays. Maybe this was the reason why the International Translation Day didn’t officially exist until 1991, when it was launched officially and started to be observed internationally.


But even since 1991, many things have changed in our field, and a translation has become an inherent part of our globalized world. If we take a look on the view of the world as it stands we can see that from purchase and sale oil agreement to that website we love or that add we can’t stop laughing at wouldn’t exist without the interconnected world that translation and technology had brought about.


Professional and quality translators from all around the world use their deep understanding of different cultures to build those bridges that nowadays we transit when we want to make business in an international market, we want to enjoy that great show, we want to reach out to the international community.


Dubai Translations Services stands out as a place for people to find the finest translators, and for those translators to grow and find the support to keep doing their best work.


So we wish you a happy International Translation Day! And year!

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