How Technology is Revolutionizing the Translation Industry

Technology is continuously developing, and it is changing the world around us. Like all other industries, translation companies and leaders need to remain awake and keep up with such technological developments, in order to fulfill the requirements of our digital era. Here are some of the new translation trends emerging thanks to latest technologies.
Back Translation
With the rise of machine translation, back translation is no more a luxury. The back translation technique is a necessity to enrich machine translation, since back translation enables the use of synthetic parallel data, obtained by automatically translating already available information in the target language into the source language and vice versa.
SEO Translation
Along with, journalistic, legal, medical, and other genres of translation, the world is witnessing the emergence of a new genre of translation, namely SEO translation. In our age, translation is not only concerned with printed document, but translators nowadays deal with online content, i.e. website and other forms of digital content. As they deal with such content, translators are not only required to deliver accurate, well-composed translation, but also a SEO-compatible text.
Voice Search
If you think SEO translation is challenging, then what would think of it, after knowing about the voice search feature? To guarantee being on top of the result page, websites have to be SEO-compatible in multiple languages, not only in writing, but in voice as well. And here comes the role of translators and content creators to optimize websites for both audio and written research.
These are some of the changes the industry of translation is witnessing every day. Yet, let’s admit this is one of the reasons why it’s one of the most interesting and challenging industries in the universe.

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