Types of press translation

Press translation is not limited to one type. It incorporates many types:

    1. Translation of press articles and reports
    2. Translation of news programs
    3. Translation of newspapers and magazines
    4. Translation of documentary films
    5. Translation of press releases
    6. Translation of online newspapers
    7. Translation of press interviews

How press news are translated?

  1.  Determining the type of press translation: First, we need to know the type of press release (article, press report, press feature, magazines, televised press interview, documentary film).
  2.  Determining the publishing platform: Before initiating the translation, we need to know the publishing platform of press release (newspapers, magazines, televised content, websites, social media), as every platform has its own rules and technique in publishing a press release.
  3. The press template: After knowing the type of press release, each news item must be translated in accordance with the criteria of its appropriate template, as there are well-known rules for translating press news, sequencing and arrangement in press reports templates, and media language in translating televised content. Therefore, it is necessary to commit to translating each news item within its editorial template and to adhere to the characteristics of this template.
  4.  Avoiding word-by-word translation: In press translation, we can’t depend on word-by-word translation. The basis of press translation is to translate the contents, i.e. to generally understand the press release and then formulating the text according to editorial features of the type of the press release, while sticking to honesty and objectivity in transmitting the news, without bias or prejudice to the content meaning.

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