Your ads online (I): O the markets you’ll reach

At the last two decades, we’ve seen the incredible growth of advertisements online: how money invested has flowed, and Google knows it very well.  It is well-known that Google success resides in the trust their user have given it, but their economic success resides on how well they “sell” ads to both marketers and clients.

Google understands that their ads would never truly reach an international audience without understanding the unique cultural and linguistic features of the markets. In the 00s, they jumped into a race to translate and localize their ads, products and services not just to the major markets, but also to markets of languages and cultures minorities.  Google wanted to reach everyone and they knew the best way to do it was speaking their language.

This strategy was rapidly followed by other international companies. Big and small companies understood that the only way to play in equal opportunities with the local companies was to look local at the eyes of a customer. The advertisement is the first contact and we know how important first impressions are.

This was just the beginning: the path to recreate an ad, be it graphical or textual, is not easy, and it’s best taken when in the company of people who truly understand the uniqueness of the cultures and markets you want to reach. It’s crucial to fully understand that small details will determine the success of a project.

In translating ads, there are many examples of failed projects because an unfortunate choice of words made by amateurs. But there are also plenty of successful projects where a trusted professional team, such as Dubai Translations Service’s team, help them to make the right choices at the right time.

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